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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology aims to control maternal mortality and provide family planning for all sections of society. Muthayammal Maternal Wellness Scheme was designed as part of outreach programme to promote institutional deliveries which would bring down Maternal Mortality Rate. Skill development hands on workshop are also conducted every year to train Eighth and Nine semester MBBS students for safe labour. Muthayammal Maternal Wellness Scheme was inaugurated on 13 Aug 2014 by our honourable chancellor Shri. Dr.N. M. Veeraiyan. It is named after chancellor’s beloved mother. The scheme is effective since 30 July 2014. All antenatal services, worth Rs 40,000/- is free of cost. This includes Antenatal check up and immunization, all lab investigations including USG, Iron & calcium supplementation, Delivery (vaginal/ LSCS).Also there is an Incentive for women delivering at SMCH Rs 4000/-

Skill development method is incorporated in the final year curriculum of medical students to integrate the basic knowledge of labour with the final outcome of reducing maternal mortality rate. The skills are demonstrated on mannequins and simulation models of difficult situation in labour are provided.. This is followed by mind mapping of concepts developed. Pre test and post test help the teaching faculty to assess the impact of knowledge generated. Application of moulage to static mannequin, improves the realism of the simulation, allows the learner to use visual clues to assess the patient.




In order to promote high quality, safe care of patients, the curriculum specifies the parameters of knowledge, clinical skills, technical skills, professional behavior and leadership skills that are considered necessary to ensure patient safety throughout the training process and specifically at the end of training. The curriculum therefore provides students posted in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology to develop their skills and judgment and a commitment to lifelong learning in line with the service they provide. The   obstetrics & gynaecology curriculum has been designed around four broad areas, which are common to all the surgical specialties:

• Syllabus –It contains what trainees are expected to know, and be able to do, in the various stages of their training.
• Teaching and learning is done to achieve our objectives  based on the syllabus.
• Assessment  is done by pretest and post test,mind mapping and feedback .
• Training systems and resources - how the educational programme is organized, recorded and quality assured.It includes the bedside clinical training, observation during various procedures and simulation laboratory posting.


Clinical care is the most important focus of the department. The Obstetric patient care in labour room is directed to ensure that there is no maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. In gynaecology ,newer technology and  minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities like hysteroscopy, colposcopy, laparoscopy ,uterine artery Embolization are employed .
Quality of care indicators are average time for initial assessment of the patient, average length of stay, completeness of admission notes, completeness of discharge summary and any prolonged stay in hospital are periodically assessed during the monthly performance meeting.

Saveetha Infertility clinic was inaugurated on 21. April 2015 by our honourable Director Professor Saveetha Rajesh and Vice Chancellor Dr Mythilli Bhaskaran .
The lab is equipped with laminar flow chamber, microscope, centrifuge, test tube warmer and sperm counting chamber. The reagents and operating procedure used to prepare the processed semen are according to the ICMR guidelines. The Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principals followed include patient information recording, reporting and planning for further studies using the baseline data on a prospective basis. The Laboratory also provides for Couple Counseling and Andrology Consultation. The average Turnaround Time from specimen collection to insemination is 30 minutes. Monthly 10 couples benefit. After the inauguration one patient had a successful pregnancy delivered by caesarean section in Kakinada.

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