An amazing volume of Research Projects and Publications in Indexed journals is one of the foremost defining features of academics at Saveetha Medical College. A series of initiatives including regular research workshops and seminars, mandatory research projects, and lucrative research awards create a conducive research atmosphere. Research is an integral component of UG and PG curriculum at Saveetha. Even at a UG level, each student is expected to take up a research project each year, and encouraged to present the research findings in Conferences and ably guided to publish in peer review journals. Central Research Lab under the leadership of Director Research is equipped with high end equipment to facilitate research in basic sciences, genetics and molecular biology. Our faculty have  an enviable record publications in impact factor journals, including Nature.



•      The Saveetha Medical College and Hospital established the “Saveetha Medical Research Cell  (SMRC)” in 2008.
•      The organization consists  of the Dean as its ex-officio chairman and the Vice-Principal as its convener / coordinator.

It has three wings mainly:
            1. Central Research Laboratories
            2. Research Boards- Scientific Review Board & Ethical Committees
            3. Research Methodology & Education Cell



The Institutional Human Ethics Committee (IHEC) has been constituted as per the guidelines of ICMR and approved by the ICMR.
The animal house and the laboratory to conduct experiments on animals were established as per the guideline of the CPCSEA and were approved by the CPCSEA.  Accordingly the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) has been constituted in accordance with the guidelines of CPCSEA and approved by the CPCSEA.
Our Institutional Review Board (IRB) was Saveetha Medical College is in accordance with guidelines of Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS).  
All the project proposals by the department be submitted for the review and approval of the IHEC/IRB for the proposals involving humans and by IAEC for the proposal involving experimentation on animals. Only after obtaining prior approval and permission from the IHEC/IRB/IAEC the work is implemented.
There is an IRB-Education in place at Saveetha Medical College & Hospital for screening the proposals of Educational Research. Only after obtaining prior approval and permission from the IRB-Education the work is implemented.




The primary role of scientific review board is to  facilitate the investigators by giving suggestions on their protocol for the betterment of research outcome.
The team headed by Professor of Pharmacology as Chairman and members includes Professor of pathology, Professor of Biochemistry, Professor of Medicine, and Professor of ENT.
Functions  -
1.  Bi monthly meeting and reviewing the protocols submitted with investigators .Meetings will be held more often if projects submitted are more
2.  Giving scientific inputs to the protocol including assessing inclusion and exclusion criteria, scope of the study, methodology and expected outcome .
3.  Informed consent and patient information sheet is also reviewed.
4.  Suggestion will be given to the investigator and asked to make correction before submitting to institutional ethics committee
5.  Decision taken by the board will be reported to head of the institution.



1.      Hepato protection – Infectious & non infectious
2.      Operations research in population health
3.      Early detection of Cancer (Ca Cervix, Head & Neck and Tobacco Cancers)
4.      MRI of Spinal Column & Cord, in Head Injuries



•      Mandatory research project as part of the community medicine curriculum
•      Assessment of quality of student for research
•      Resource centre to guide researchers
•      Beyond the Curriculum:
•      Training in research methodology from I-MBBS
•      “Saveetha Young Medical Researchers Group (SYMRG)” – first in INDIA to get trained in “Operations Research in Population Health” by Dr. Ashish Joshi, Associate Professor & Assistant Dean, CUNY, New York

•      Scientific Review Board, Regular meetings to screen and enhance robustness of research proposals
•      Regular trainings of faculty in Research methods, biostats and research ethics
•      Monitoring of research output through Plan of 3
•      Research awards given on Founders Day and Saveetha ACE Awards.
•      Research output an important consideration in Faculty promotion and incentives
•      University Funding support




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