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S.No Name Title
1 Dr. Tejashwini Reddy Expression of p16INK4a immunostaining in cervical biopsies to assess the prevalence of human papillomavirus in a tertiary care hospital in South India

Dr. C. Vimala

Dr. S. Ganthimathy 

Retrospective study of gastric carcinomas with its associated lesions and its correlation with Helicobacter pylori positivity and HER2 status using immunohistochemistry

Dr. Evelyn Elizabeth Ebenezer 

Dr. E. Muthuvel

Tumor infiltrating immune cell profiles and their correlation with known prognostic factors in carcinomas of breast
4 Dr. S. Agil

Evaluation of potential benefits of Single Port laparoscopic appendicectomy over conventional laparoscopic appendicectomy in acute appendicitis



Dr. V. R. Kalarani

Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan

Dr. Premkumar

Comparative study of bougie guided insertion technique and introducer tool technique with classical digital technique of proseal laryngeal mask airway in elective surgical patients

Dr. Natwar Lal Sharma

Dr. Seena

Effect of 12 months of Raja Yoga (heartfulness) Meditation on stress, autonomic, cognitive function, EEG and MRI (structural and functional) in medical students    

Dr. Anita Chandra

Dr. V. Srinivasan

A randomized, double-blinded, two treatment, single dose. Two  period,  cross-over, Multi-centre comparative bio-equivalence study of mercaptopurine tablets 50 mg of Aspen Global Incorporated, Mauritius with mercaptopurine  tablets USP 50 mg of roxane     laboratories, Inc., USA in patients suffering from acute lymphoblast leukemia under fasting condition.

Dr. S. Divyan Devasir

Dr. V. Shruhi Kamal

Dr. S. Rajesh

A study of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in general surgery patients in a tertiary care hospital.



Dr.  Ilavarasan

Dr. S. Subbaiah,

Dr. P.Shanmugasundram

A comparative study between proximal femoral nailing and dynamic hip screw fixation in patients with intertrochanteric fracture of femur

Dr. Rathasree Ravipathi

Dr. Anita Samraj

Factors responsible for surgical site infections following emergency non traumatic abdominal surgeries.

Dr. S. Agil

Dr. N. Charkravarthi, Dr. P.B. Sudarshan

Evaluation of potential benefits of single port laparoscopic appendectomy over conventional laparoscopic appendectomy in acute appendicitis.

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Dr. K. Gunasekaran,

Dr. S. Pragathee

Evaluation of time taken to confirm tracheal intubation in real time by Ultrasound versus Capnography in elective cases at a tertiary care teaching hospital.

Dr.  G. Gayathri

Dr. V. Gangadharan

A comparative study of COPD patients with drug therapy alone and patients with drug therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation therapy in tertiary care center.
14 Dr. V. Krishnan Critical analysis of sample informed consent document template given by Indian Council of Medical Research and strategic initiative for developing capacity in ethical        review.
15 Dr. V. Krishnan A study to assess the knowledge of scientometrics among health care professionals

Dr. V. Krishnan,

Dr. Anita Ramesh,

R. Abirami

A study to assess distress level among patients receiving cancer chemotherapy in a tertiary care hospital.

Dr. J. Ar. Akshiitha

Dr. C. Selvakumar

Dr. G. Gopinath

The role of diffusion tensor tractography in assessment of spondylotic myelopathy.  

Dr. P. Samai

Dr. V. Seveetha

Dr.S Vinodkumaran

The role of MRI and Cent in evaluation of oral cavity malignancy and its staging.
19 Dr. K. Muthu Prathibha Does academic achievement reflect in the medical and nursing student’s empathy towards their patients? – A cross sectional study.

Vimala Palanisamy,

Dr. M. Kalyani

A study on acute febrile illness with thrombocytopenia in adult patients in a tertiary health care centre

Dr. Mahendran,

Dr. Anita Ramesh,

S. Mariana Chartian,

D. Merlyn Reena,

P. Sanchana,

M.S.  Yooghetha

An estimation of prevalence of type – 2 diabetes mellitus in oral cancer patients in a tertiary care centre.

Dr. S. Krithiga

M. Mohanasundaram

S. Rajasri,

J. Saravana Kumar,

N. Nirmal

Knowledge, attitude and practice of using iodized salt among households in rural area – A cross sectional Study

Dr. S. Krithiga

J. Jemima Julia,

S .Keerthana,

A. Ajay Adhithya. 

M. Mythili

A study to assess the impact  of health education intervention on knowledge, perception and practice of cervical cancer among the adult women in rural area

Dr. S. Krithiga

M. Mutharasi,

R. Raghavi,

M. Naureenmuslia

G. Parmodhroshan

A study to assess the impact of health education, intervention on knowledge, perception and practice of cervical cancer among the adult women in rural area

Dr. Porchelvan,

R. Sruthi Priyavadhana

K. Thebeka

S. Keshavram

Food safety and hygiene practices among food handlers in trunk road, Poonamallee area  (flyover to Kumananchavadi)

Dr. S. Porchelvan

R. Karthikeyan,

Vandana Arun,

Dama Mokshagna

Knowledge and attitude study on HIV/ AIDS among higher secondary school students in Thirumazhisai – An institutional based study.

Dr. S. Porchelvan,

R. Monika,

S.T. Shanmuga Sundara Priya

V.K. Abiram Yogesh

A study on common health problems during menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices among adolescent girls aged 14-18 years in Kuthambakkam

Dr. K. Mahendhran,

S.B.A. Aathittha,

V. Vignesh Kumar,

S. Archana,

S. Priyanga

A study to assessment of existing knowledge, attitude and practices regarding biomedical waste management among the medical, paramedical and non medical staff in a tertiary care hospital.      

Dr. K. Mahendran

S. Murali

N.R. Akshayareddy

G.A. Sangeetha

V. Gayathri

Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in school going adolescents of aged 14 - 17 in a rural area around Chennai

Dr. J. Dinesh Raja,

S. B. Sachin,

M. Hariharan,

A. Dharshini Priya,

T. Priyanka

A study to assess primary immunization coverage of children aged 12 -23 months in Thirumazhisai

Dr. J. Dinesh Raja,

M. Keertana,

M. Aruni Adithya,

S. Janani Priya,

V. Sugavanaesh Gokulkumaran,

Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding importance of breastfeeding among antenatal mother and mother having children under 1 year of age in Kuthambakkam village. 

Dr. Dinesh Raja

T. P. Hari Dharanee,

S. Thirumurugan,


S. K. Jinonath

Study on two weekly incidence of acute diarrhoeal disease among children less than 5 years of age in Kuthambakkam Village

Dr. J. Magendran,

 R. Priya Dharshini,

Vimala Palanisamy,

M. Aruna,      

A. Shahana Ikhlas

A study on prevalence of domestic accidents in a rural population and assessing the knowledge and practices of various local first-aid measures

Dr. J. Magendran

 R. Sugatamil,

M. Dharshini,

Gali Monica Richard,

Venkat Naveen

A study on challenges faced by medical officers working in primary Health Care Centres in and around Chennai
35 Dr. Yeshwant Kumar A randomized observational study on skin  closure  with sutures v/s stapler vs steri strips (adhesive tapes) in all open  surgical procedures   
36 Dr. S. Divyan Devasir A study of unusual modes of presentation of tuberculosis in general surgery patients in a tertiary care hospital  

Dr. M.Malar Vannan

Dr. B. Sundaravadanan

Polypropylene mesh vs lightweight mesh – vypro – a prospective study of postoperative outcome following lichtenstein’s surgery in inguinal hernia patients
38 Dr. Reshma

To study the prevalence of hypothyroidism in postmenopausal women



Dr. S. Purusothaman

Dr. Radha Kumar

Dr. D.V. Lal

Fluoride in drinking water and its association with hypothyroidism in children
40 Dr. K. Muthu Prathibha Dose academic achievement reflect in the medical and nursing student’s empathy towards their patients? – A cross sectional study.

Dr. K. Kumaran

Dr. Khalilur Rahman

An observation study on risk factors leading to lower extremity amputation in diabetic foot

Dr. V. Krishan

P. Kumaresh Pandian

Assessment of awareness of patient consumer initiated adverse drug reaction reporting by pharmacovigilance programme of India – A cross sectional, community based study. 

Dr. J. Thirunavukarasu

Dr. V. Krishanan

Antiproliferative effects of deferiprone - an In vitro analysis
44 Dr. V. Krishanan Antiproliferative effects of metformin – An In vitro analysis

Dr. Timsi Jain

Rakshaya Venu

Preethi  Saravanan


Effectiveness of health education on awareness of lifestyle related disorder among the students studying in 10-12th std in a school in urban area in Chennai

Dr. Timsi Jain

Archana Mohanraj

N. Viswanathan

S. Poorani

A descriptive study to determine the nutritional status of children in the age group (6-10 years) in schools of Thirumazhisai

Dr. Ruma Dutta

T. Adithya

R. Kavitha

Mothi Prasad

Knowledge, attitude and practice on mosquito borne disease in Thirumazhisai, Thiruvallur dist.

Dr. J. Magendran

Dr. G. Lakshmanan

R. Thilakraaj

N.U. Pooja

D. Aswin

A study on association between quality of sleep and BMI in urban school going adolescent population
49 Dr. D. Merriwin Comparison between wet and dry chemistry analyzer for various analytes 
50 Dr. C. Arathi

Assessment of uterine scar in a case of previous LSCS at term



Dr. R. Kannan,

Dr. D.V. Lal,

M. Nivaas,

J. Lohitya,

U. Raghul,

Farah Kamaludeen

Study about KAP regarding worm infestation among the caregivers of children aged between 2- 12 years attending Saveetha Medical College Hospital

Dr. R. Kannan

R. Shilpa

T. Kaviya

K. Bavithra

P.S. Pavithra

A study on knowledge attitude practices and beliefs towards contraceptive methods among married women attending SMCH

Dr. R. Kannan

C. Immaculate Bibiana

J. Siddharthan

N. Kanchan,

M. Vinitha

Assessment of obesity and knowledge attitude and practice among students of Saveetha Engineering College – A questionnaire based study.

Dr. R. Archana,

Nisha Balaji

Association of neck circumference and obesity with blood pressure among adolescents in urban and rural population in north Tamil Nadu

J. Saravana Kumar

Dr. K. Muthu Prathibha

Implication of 2D: 4D ratio and neck circumference in obesity among adolescents – a cross sectional study.

S. Rajalakshmi,

Dr. K. Muthu Prathibha

Effects of duration of smoking habit and type of tobacco smoke on the nasal mucociliary clearance of smokers – a cross sectional study

Dr. Gomathy Parasuraman,

Y. Gowtham Krishna,

M. Kaviya,

Nischal A Jain

The  study on the prevalence of dental caries among school going children aged between 5 -10 years in Thirumazhisai

Dr. Gomathy Parasuraman,

Pranav Prakash,

K. Pavithra,

J. Akshaya

A study on the prevalence of refractive errors among children aged between 10-15 years in an urban area

Dr. Gomathy Parasuraman,

D. Shanmugapriya,

S.R. Divyashyamala,

Jiby Livingta,

P. Dhanusha

A study on the knowledge, attitude, practice among primary teachers in identification of Attention  Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in primary school children in field practice area of Saveetha Medical College.

Dr. Ruma Dutta,

M. Venkatesh,

V. Aakash

S. Loshini

Prevalence of anemia in children below 5 years of age group of Kuthambakkam village, Thiruvallur Dist.

Dr. Ruma Dutta,

S. Sonia,

N. Sevika

S. Revathi

To study on prevalence and risk factors of hypertension in people of age group more than 30 years in Kuthambakkam village, Chennai

D. Priyadharshini

Dr. Ruma Dutta

Primary immunization coverage among migrant children in age group 12 months to 23 months in Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kanchipuram District.

Dr. B. P. Shilpa,

S. Sugirtha

G. Sri Harshini

R. Srinidhi

M. Arun Kumar

Knowledge, attitude and practice of breast cancer and breast cancer screening among women in a peri-urban community in Chennai

Dr. B. P. Shilpa

S. Vinodhini

M.G. Viha Vaishalee

A. Jeffrey Xavier

C. Somesh

A study to assess the impact of floods on health in the households affected by recent south Indian floods in Chennai 2015

Dr. B. P. Shilpa

V. Vinodini

A study on the impact of health education on  knowledge and practice of menstrual hygiene among adolescents girls in Thirumazhisai, Chennai – a quasi experimental study

Dr. B.P  Shilpa,

A. Abarajitha,

A.R. Manaswini

P. Nirajani

S.S.  Naveen Kumar

Study on Knowledge, attitude and practice of smoking and drinking alcohol and its harmful effects among the age group of (21-35) years in rural population  in Kanchipuram

Dr. V. Srinivasan,

A. Priya

Clinicians’ attitude towards implementing computerised prescriptions and computerised physician order entry (CPOE) in a Tertiary care hospital – A future perspective.
69 Dr. F. Margaret Harriet Priya Ovarian mass pre operative – clinical, USG findings and postoperative correlation

Dr. T. Balaji

Dr. Gowri Shankar

Dr.Vinoth Kanna

Dr. Narayanaswamy

Dr. Senthil Manikandan

Study of clinical profile of large artery disease in patients with ischemic stroke

N. Lakshmi

Dr. P.M. Abraham Sam Rajan

Dr. Rengaramani

A study on serum uric acid levels in patients with acute myocardial infarction as a prognostic marker to assess the mortality of myocardial infarction
72 N. Vinothini Microscopic detection and isolation of Trichomonas vaginalis from women with suspected Trichomonas vaginalis infection in a tertiary care center

S. Ragu

Dr. GSR. Kedari

Serum uric acid level in obese and non obese individuals

G. Lakshmanan

Dr. Hephzibah Kirubamani

Vimala Palanisamy

J. Lohitya

Farah Kamaludeen

Correlation between body mass index waist-hip ratio and menstrual abnormalities.

M. Hemavathi

S. Samyuktha

K. Keerthana

Dr. R. Archana

Prevalence of stress among the undergraduate medical students – A cross sectional study

R. Tillak Raaj

Dr. Hephzibah Kirubamani

M. Aruna

R. Priya Dharshini

A Shahana Ikhlas

To Correlate the symphysio-fundal height, abdominal girth and gestational age.
77 Dr. K. Nagaraju A prospective, open label, single arm, single centre study for assessment of efficacy, safety and cost analysis of add-on pidotimod 400 mg in maintenance therapy for recurrent acute respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients.
78 J.M. Rebekkal Assess the effectiveness of infant assessment guide on knowledge and practice regarding growth and development of infant among the antenatal mothers.
79 Dr. Anitha Ramesh Molecular profiling of circulating  tumour cells(CTCs) for the prognosis and management with Metronomic chemotherapy for rural women with advanced metastatic breast, ovarian and cervical cancers
80 Dr. S. Reshma To identify the incidence of hypothyroidism in postmenopausal women
81 Dr. S. Purusothaman Fluoride in drinking water and its association with hypothyroidism in children
82 Dr.  Ashiq Mohammed Jaffrey Role of magnetic resonance fistulography as a presurgical investigation in the management of perianal fistulas.  
83 Dr.  S. Pragathee Minimum effective volume (MEV) of local  anesthetic for ultrasound – guided supraclavicular block by three point injection
84 Dr. C. Aarthi Assessment of uterine scar in a case of previous LSCS at term
85 Dr. S. Karthik Raj High  frequency ultrasonographic evaluation of Non-Traumatic Wrist pain with MRI correlation
86 Dr. Subikrishnan To compare the efficacy of Dexmedetomidine, Buprenorphine and normal saline as  an intrathecal adjuvant with 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine for below umbilical surgeries.
87 Dr. T.S.L. Ananya Study of foot length as an alternate measurement for assessment of gestational maturity in neonates
88 Dr. S. Vinoth Kanna A comparative study of transcarpal sensory nerve conduction with combined sensory index in patients with mild carpal tunnel syndrome
89 Dr. J. AR. Akshiitha The role of diffusion tensor tractography in assessment of spondylotic myelopathy
90 Dr. P. Samai The role MRI and CECT in evaluation of oral cavity  malignancy and its staging
91 S. Gopi Estimation of uric acid level in hyper and hypothyroidism patients.
92 V. Pooja An epidemiological study on quality of life among elderly in Thirumazhisai
93 Dr. Ram Kumar Ultrasound guided IVC measurement in predicting hypotension after spinal anaesthesia in lower abdominal surgeries.   

G. Nivedha Kumari

L. Mokana

K. Dharshini

S. Thasneema

Dr. R. Archana

A cross sectional study on health related Quality of Life and stress among underweight, obese and overweight undergraduate medical students.

R. Rakesh

Dr. K. Muthu Prathibha

Influence of abdominal obesity on memory consolidation in adolescent medical undergraduates – a cross sectional study.

Dr. Archana Nagarajan

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. Neelu Sree

A study on sero prevalence, association of platelet count and molecular characterisation of dengue from a tertiary care centre

Dr. M. Sugantha Valli

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. S.S.M. Umamageswari

Bacteriological profile, antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and genotypic characterisation of commonest resistant strain isolated from diabetic foot ulcer in a tertiary care hospital.

Dr. D. Sathish Dev

Dr. P. Sivaprakasam

Health status and health seeking behaviour among school going adolescents boys in the field practice area of Saveetha Medical College and Hospital 

Dr. Reshma

Dr. V. Shruthi kamal

Dr. Rajesh


To determine the frequency of H. pylori infection in type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic patients with dyspeptic symptoms and to compare the frequency of H. pylori infection in both groups.

Dr. R. Vaishnavi

Dr. K. Srinivasan

Dr. B. Harikumar

Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with type 2 diabetic mellitus attending outpatient department in tertiary health care.

Dr. N. Venkaraman

Dr. G.S. Chandraleka

Dr. Ramarao Mannam

A case control study on psychiatric morbidity, quality of life, personality profile of patients with hypothyroidism

Dr. R. Kalpana

Dr. K. Kanmani

An analytical  study of postoperative visual outcome and refractive errors with respect to small incision and phacoemulsification cataract surgery

Dr. Ramesh K. Goyal

Dr. Anita Ramesh

Dr. Thiruanavukkarasu


Sureka Raj

Vinoth Kumar


Analysis  of chemosensitivity of biopsy –derived tumoroids cultured on TGN Fiss Platform

Dr. Margaret Harriet Priya

Dr, Kepzibha Kirbamani

Ovarian mass pre operative – clinical, USG findings and postoperative correlation

Dr. V.H. Ramya

Dr. R. Atharunissa Begam

Dr. V. Gangadharan

Correlation between six minute walk test (6 mwt), spirometry and diffusing capacity (DLco) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients (COPD)

R. Srinidhi

Dr. E. Shanthi

Detection of preinvasive cervical lesions in antenatal women at Saveetha Medical College and Hospital (Resubmission)

Dr. Sasikala

Dr. Devika

Dr. Gunapriya

Mrs. Mahalakshmi

Dr. Gayatri Uttur

Dr. Snekha

Vitamin D supplementation in infertile men may improve sperm DNA fragmentation index

Dr. A. G. Narayanaswamy

Dr. P. Vinodh Kumar

Dr. A. Krishnamoorthy

Socioeconomic status, dietary pattern and risk factors in patients with coronary artery disease in rural Tamil Nadu
111 Dr. K. Nagaraju A prospective, open label, single arm, single Centre study for assessment of efficacy, safety and cost analysis of add-on  Pidotimod 400 mg in maintenance therapy for recurrent acute respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients.

Dr. Reshma

Dr. V. Shruthikamal

Dr. Rajesh

To determine the frequency of H. pylori infection in Type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic patients with dyspeptic symptoms and to compare the frequency of H. pylori infection in both groups

Dr. Sibiya

Dr. Ravi Kumar

Dr. Padmavathi

A profile of gynaecological problems in adolescents girls

Dr. K. Sharanya

Dr. D. Prabhavathy

Dr. J. Muhilan

Dr. M. Kalyani

A cross-sectional study on clinico-microbial profile of Acne Vulgaris and the current susceptibility pattern to doxycycline and Azithromycin 

V. Sahana

Dr. Himadri Dutta

Dr. Kalyani

Prevalence, characterisation and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of bacterial isolates from antenatal women with asymptomatic bacteriuria  attending a tertiary care hospital

A. Karthik

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. Tasneem Banu

Phenotypic characterization of enterococcal isolates, antibiotic  susceptibility testing including high level aminoglycoside resistance and minimum inhibitory concentration values for vancomycin in a tertiary care centre   

S. Sathish

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. S.S.M. Umamageshwari

Dr. L. Prem Kumar

A study on the characterisation,  comparison of phenotypic methods for the detection of Biofilm production in uropathogenic Escherichia coli  and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern in a tertiary care hospital

Lead me On Syntem

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. S.S.M. Umamageswari


Phenotypic detection of extended spectrum beta lactamase  and carbapenemase producing klebsiella species from clinical isolates in a tertiary care hospital

J.H. Terin 

Dr. M. Kalyani

Dr. P. Neelusree

Comparison of ziehl-neelsen kinyoun and fluorescent staining for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum samples before and after petroff’s concentration technique

S.  Nazrin

Dr. R. Archana

Determination of cardiac efficiency during different phases of menstrual cycle in undergraduate students.

Dr. A. Rathna

Dr. K. Gunasekaran

Duration of postoperative analgesia in axillary brachial plexus blocks using 0.375% bupivacaine with dexamethasone versus 0.375% bupivacaine with ketorolac, a prospective, Double-blinded, randomised controlled trial  


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